5x5 Night| August

  1. 5 Votes 5 Votes Community members vote for 5 favorite ideas
  2. 5 Ideas 5 Ideas 5 creators are chosen to pitch
  3. 5 Minutes 5 Minutes Pitches are limited to 5 min. and 5 slides
  4. 5 Judges 5 Judges Panel selects a winning idea on pitch night
  5. $5,000.00 $5,000.00 The best idea wins $5,000

Past Winners

CurlCase® by Wear YourCurls® $25,000

CurlCase® by Wear YourCurls®

The CurlCase® is a 5-star rated hair care product that protects and preserves your style giving you more good hair days.

Felisha Rodriguez
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Higherarchy $5,000


High-end boutique CBD and THC shop

Trimell Hawkins
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Living Soil Blends with Wormies Vermicompost $5,000

Living Soil Blends with Wormies Vermicompost

With Wormies Vermicompost as the main ingredient we are now offering a complete line of Living Soil Blends.

Luis Chen Aguilera
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Bring Bungee Fitness to Grand Rapids $5,000

Bring Bungee Fitness to Grand Rapids

Bungee fitness is a low impact workout that uses the resistance of the bungee for strength and support.

Christina Vandam
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Ella’s Eve Cosmetics $5,000

Ella’s Eve Cosmetics

A Latina owned makeup brand to fill a void in the industry while promoting confidence and self-love.

Melissa Polanco
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